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The ideal mobile app for customer and supplier on-boarding that liberates staff from paper work and inspires social change. Helps you ensure that multiple products, departments, branches and agents work in a consistent manner and remain fully compliant.


  • Solicitors Regulation Authority Money Laundering guidance
  • Accountants registered with HMRC under the Money Laundering Regulations
  • Financial Services Firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Supplier Vetting

Standard Compliance Functionality:

  • Simple, easy to use apps for Applicants and Staff—no specialist training required
  • Collects evidence that documents have been checked by whom, when and where
  • ID Verification with Equifax and checks across 26 countries powered by GBG ID3 Global
  • Social Media Search for public information on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Branding and Customisation options including Company Policy and Control Standards
  • Full traceability and management information across departments, branches, agents and individual users
  • Full GDPR disclosure to the Applicant
  • In-Command Dashboard and CRM for Business and Enterprise Customers

Implementation Options:

  • Options to add multiple jurisdictions and languages
  • Multi bureau links with Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, plus links with GBG and Social Media
  • Full Decision Analytics integration with GDS Link
  • Full Business IQ integration with Experian

On-boarding Services

These are the services we offer. If you want something else, drop us a line.

  • Customer and Supplier On-Boarding

    Onboarding Individuals

    The ideal mobile app for solicitors, accountants and IFAs to on board personal clients.

Services Available To You In This Pack

We have grouped our checks based on minimum legal requirements and typical risk appetites. Different checks consume different numbers of credits. For details of our Pay-as-you-go and Subscription options, see our Subscription Services page.

Service Cost
Basic ID and Social Media CheckRecords Photo ID and Proof of Address documents. Reports social media footprint 5Credits
Standard KYC ChecksSuitable for domestic nationals. Basic ID and Social Media plus two other data sources. UK Mortality and UK, EU and USA sanction checks 12Credits
KYC and PEP ChecksSuitable for high value transactions and/or foreign nationals. Standard KYC checks plus screening against worldwide PEP lists. 13Credits
Enhanced Due DiligenceKYC and PEP Checks with a quote for Enhanced Due Diligence undertaken by CDD Management Services’ Investigations Team comprised of former police officers. 14Credits
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