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What We Do

Our aim is simple—to reduce the cost of compliance and enhance your brand. We provide accurate and reliable services for:

The result—you and your team can focus on what you do best: building relationships with clients and applicants. In the meantime, we will help you maintain compliance and meet your client’s expectations.

The experience is everything—that’s the difference.

Register today, download Spotlite from the App Store, and off you go. It’s as simple as that!

Our Approach

Imagine being able to meet an applicant anywhere you choose and using Spotlite, complete all regulatory ID, right-to-work or right-to-rent checks in just 60 seconds.

How it works:

  • You, your agent or employee meets the applicant, prospective employee or tenant to complete your regulatory on-boarding checks
  • Spotlite asks the Applicant to take a selfie and then asks you to take a photo of their passport & other ID. Spotlite then:
    1. records evidence that the documents have been checked by whom, when and where
    2. captures key demographic information to complete policy and regulatory checks such as right to work/right to rent
    3. checks ID documents from 260 countries and territories and applies Control Standard checks against a range of global KYC, Credit Bureau and social media databases including financial, adverse media, fraud, PEP and sanctions checks
    4. completes this basic due diligence within 60 seconds in 80% of cases
  • After 60 seconds, Spotlite sends you an Applicant Certificate listing what’s been found
  • Spotlite also sends the Applicant a link to download a copy of the Certificate. This is just one of the measures we employ to ensure you remain fully compliant with GDPR and deliver a great applicant experience
  • If you need more detailed due diligence and investigation, we will pick that up and complete the process on your behalf, as per your requirements

That’s it, job done! In less than the time it’s taken you to read this webpage, your applicant screening could be complete.

About Us

We are part of CDD Services Ltd. Our Management Team together with our suppliers provide market-leading capabilities that combine leading-edge technology, multidiscipline risk strategies and quality assurance processes together with highly skilled investigators and customer services resources.

We are based in Manchester, UK. Our data centres for the UK, EU and EEA are hosted on Microsoft Azure Servers based in the UK.

We do NOT provide data to third parties for sales and marketing or third party research purposes. We achieve our revenue through subscriptions and provision of due diligence services.

We are privately funded.

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